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When your delivery needs two men 1080 598 Dane Harper

When your delivery needs two men

Our Two Man Delivery service is here to help when there are heavy items to be transported, such as sofa’s, other items or large furniture, heavy boxes.  The 2-Man delivery service was developed to deliver larger and heavier consumer packaged goods into the customer’s room of choice; whether that was in their home, garden, garage, or office.

The safety in knowing that Destiny’s amazing team can help move those items in safety.

Sometimes an item might be small, and you can in fact help the team.  This is when the Two Man service is not needed, and our single person Courier Service is operated.  But when you need to move larger, heavier items, our team assigns two experts to transport and move those items for you.

two man courier deliveries


A can do attitude to delivering your items

Our team has an amazing attitude to deliveries.  We feel we are a cut above the others in terms of performance, attitude and overall service.  We also have amazing value for money.  Try us – give us a call, tell us your items and see what great value we are for our Two Man deliveries.

two man deliveries can do attitude


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What makes Destiny different? 770 400 Dane Harper

What makes Destiny different?

Sometimes a business needs to occasionally shout about their worth, why they think they are really special.  Blowing one’s trumpet above the parapet!  Sticking your head out and saying “hey, we really are damn good – so we think you should know about it.

Our website is full of details about the services we offer.  Unlike some courier companies who just transport your goods from A to B, we are levels above this service!  We can do Same Day Deliveries across the country.  We offer Dedicated Deliveries for items that are precious, valuable and must be transported on their own.  We will go above and beyond what’s required.  That is really what sets us aside from the rest.

Lincolnshire dedicated courier service

menkind shop fitters


Our works extends toward providing Shop Fitting services to small and large retail companies.  Does your Gambling business need a new outlet, are you KFC about to setup a brand new store or revamping an existing one.  Menlook are provided with Destiny Shop Fitting services, as well as larger retail stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser.

When it comes to customer satisfaction for these companies, 9/10 is just not good enough for our management team.  It has to be 10/10 every time.

We want to work with you for a lifetime – that’s our service.  We want to work for you over and over, knowing that our service really is in the ‘premier league’.

Destiny Lincs Ltd: A professional company that operates slightly differently



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Where Quality of Service Really Counts 150 150 Dane Harper

Where Quality of Service Really Counts

We are a business that supplies a service to you, to businesses and many individuals.  But the key to our service is quality – and it really shows.

Our services include Removals, Courier Service, Trade Stand setups, and we can transfer anything from anywhere to anywhere else (practically anything!).

Excellent support – excellent team

Unlike smaller one-man one-van businesses, we are a fleet and a team.  Our support service is excellent, and it is quick.

Some businesses have a van and they are limited to what they can transport for you.  Mostly becauase it is one transit or other such vehicle.  We have an array of vehicles, from small vans in which we can take things across cities like London, quickly and cost effectively.  Then we have medium vehicles for couriering products, heavy items, and trade stands.  Finally we have much bigger vehicles for bit removals, commercial strip outs and much more.

Service and Pride

We really pride ourselves in the quality of service we are able to provide.  Highly cost effective.  Extremely supportive, as well as informative on what we can do for you.

quality service shop fitting service

We recently did a Shop Fitting job for Menlook in Inverness, Scotland.  This job required amazing attention to detail, the team being able to perform all tasks, from electrical to even gas fitting, so that the shop was converted into a Menlook store.

Here is a gallery of some of the work we did – something we take huge pride in.

celtic manor resort Newport
Celtic Manor Resort Exhibition Setup 1000 596 Dane Harper

Celtic Manor Resort Exhibition Setup

We transported a trade stand from a large convention centre and moved it to the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport South Wales for CH&CO Independant at the show – Tomorrow’s World: Global Citizens.

dedicated delivery
Got something sensitive or bulky to despatch? 800 427 Dane Harper

Got something sensitive or bulky to despatch?

There are times when you need to despatch something that is so sensitive, valuable or bulk, that you want it to be the single only thing in our vehicle.  This is where our Dedicated Despatch Service comes to your aid.

Unlike Same Day Courier, or general Courier Services that takes multiple items onboard and despatches them in their scheduled manner – Dedicated Despatch handles only YOUR item.

The Dedicated Delivery Difference

The difference with this service from same day is that our customer may want there goods collecting on the Monday morning but not want them delivering until the Tuesday morning.  You have requested that there goods stay on the vehicle with nothing else being put on that vehicle until there goods have been delivered.

Peugeot Expert S Standard BlueHDI 95 EU6 Short Wheelbase

Our vehicles are kept securely, so you can rest assured your item(s) will be stored safe and sound, for their scheduled delivery.

Call us today, or fill out this form to enquire about Dedicated Delivery service – or click here for more details.


exhibition courier setting up
It’s Exhibition time – Making the Transportation Smoother 700 433 Dane Harper

It’s Exhibition time – Making the Transportation Smoother

Setting up Exhibiton Stands can be a drain.  If your stand is small, it’s quite straightforward, but if it is a rather grand looking stand, for vehicles, games graphics and demonstration areas, or even rather more varied stands with complicated setups – wow it’s not easy!

We make Exhibition Stand Transportation Easy

Destiny is the company for you – our great many years of experience in setting up these stands, as well as taking them down, and carefully packing them away for the next show, will transform how you run your show!

We understand the time-critical nature of these events, and we will work with you to ensure that your presence at the event runs smoothly.  These Exhibition shows never close just at the right time.  There can be delays, but when you are setting up, that can be NO DELAYS; it has to be done right, at the right time, and above all, SAFELY.

Some exhibition stands require health and safety to be uppermost in your minds.  So we have it in our minds too – ensuring everything is done correct and, “by the book”, so that when your customers and ‘possible customers’ come to your stand, you know that they are safe and will hopefully enjoy their time in your presence, viewing and understanding your business.

exhibition delivery services

Our vehicles are fully equipped to be there at the point you need us, to store your valuable goods in the vehicle ready to be shipped to the next show.

We take care and pride in your show, like you do

These stands are expensive.  They can be elaborate and cost a lot of money to design and have built.  We fully appreciate this, which is why we are renown in the industry for doing some an amazing job for so many companies.

If you have a show coming up, an exhibition that you are going to be launching something new, or you just need a company to take your stand to the varied exhibition halls throughout the UK – call on us.  We are much more than a “man with a van”, which are a highly specialised company handling a great many varied projects.

Click the livechat in the lower right corner to chat to a member of our team.  Tell them where you are going.  What you need moving.  What will require setting up, and we will manage the rest.

Or call: 0333 5775212.

ebay gumtree deliveries
Ebay Deliveries just got a whole lot easier 800 450 Dane Harper

Ebay Deliveries just got a whole lot easier

At Destiny we realise that selling larger items on Ebay is very problematic if you are a domestic seller, and not retail.

Being domestic, you might not always have a large vehicle to send your items to your buyer.  You might have a small car, or even an estate that doesn’t quite accommodate the desk or table or fridge you just sold.  Plus, do you really want to be driving all the way from Wisbech up to Hull?

Why not employ Destiny Man and Van to do this for you?  It’s so easy.

Ebay items collected and delivered

Our amazing service means you can give us a call or even use Livechat, book your collection, tell us about your sold item(s), and where it needs to be collected from, and going to – we can then give you a price.

Want it out the door tomorrow?  Easy, just let us know when you are in and we will be there to accommodate you.

gumtree delivery service

Can you help with Gumtree sales too?

Yes we can – if you sold a bulk item on Gumtree, the same service applies.  Our brilliant team can come and collect your item(s), and take it to whoever you sold it to.  We will let you know a price, and away we go.  Safe and sound, all insured.

Give Destiny a ring today with your sold item, and book that delivery.

I’m about to sell on Ebay – can you do me a price?

Yes – give us a ring, or email, or Livechat or even on Facebook (many methods), and tell us about the item you are about to sell.  Then you can put on your sales page, the cost of your delivery.  Save on those bad courier service costs and use a reliable solid local firm to do your Ebay delivery.

Call 0333 5775212 today to make your booking, or just to enquiry about a price.


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Choosing the right courier service to suit your business needs 1000 667 Dane Harper

Choosing the right courier service to suit your business needs

Courier Services

In today’s fast-paced world, there is no concept of lag and sluggishness. Everything is being done at a very fast pace and with great accuracy. If one doesn’t oblige, he’s left behind by the world. Whenever we hear the word courier, thoughts like on-time delivery, affordability, and reliability etc. come to our mind. Why these thoughts? Because these are the factors that define the criteria for choosing the right courier service. If you are one of those looking for courier services, then take a deep breath. You are at the right place. Allow us to enlighten you on the topic of courier services.

Choosing the right courier service matters: 

Even though it’s not the age of the Royal Mail anymore and we have a lot many courier services available countrywide, but due to the presence of so many companies, it is hard to choose one. Choosing the right courier service matters because the delivery of your goods leaves a very strong impression on the recipient. If anything goes wrong, you can safely assume that the recipient will not do business with you again. Hence choosing a trustworthy courier service is actually strengthening your business. See Destiny Man and van our courier Services page

How to make the tough choice?

Now that you know that the right courier service matters, the question comes down to what sort of company to choose. The two main deciding factors for a good courier service are cost and reliability. Some courier services might cost less but there is always a risk factor attached to such couriers. Looking for companies that are affordable yet secure and trustworthy should be your criteria for choosing a courier and van boston

Who doesn’t want his/her courier delivered as soon as possible? While some companies take ages to deliver, some take only a day or two. Companies like Destiny Man and Van have the ability to deliver as soon as possible if the direct drive vehicle is requested. If you want your delivery to take place in a defined time period, you can go with the option of timed delivery. Apart from all these, Destiny Man and Van provide full information about the driver and the vehicle in case of the restricted entrance to the delivery zone thus widening the circle of customers. To make sure the delivery has been made accurately and safely, Destiny Man and Van get the affirmation from the customer in form of signatures, too.

Last but not the least; do not compromise the safety of your product. Choose a courier service worth your product because your product is what matters the most.

Choosing the Right Man and Van Service in Lincolnshire and over the UK 150 150 Dane Harper

Choosing the Right Man and Van Service in Lincolnshire and over the UK

With the ever-increasing population all over the UK, the demand for transportation and Man & Van Services has also increased. Be it moving office furniture from an old office to a new one, shifting home furniture, transporting a heavy machine or an appliance, regular transportation of goods etc. everything needs a transportation service. Choosing the right and trustworthy Man & Van service can be quite a task due to the presence of a lot of man and van services countrywide. Are you one of those people who need advice about choosing the best man and van service in Lincolnshire and can’t decide? Allow us to guide you through some basic services or we can say perks that you must look in your man and van service.

No Restrictions on Goods:

If you want to be stress-free during the transportation of your goods, choose a company that implies no restriction on the kinds or the number of goods. The best man and van company would transport anything for their customers since they value their demands.

Good Customer Service:

Good behavior of the employees of the man and van company is as important as shifting your goods. You will need co-operating men who are willing to transport your luggage with a good heart. You are trusting your goods with a company, make sure it sends good people for the job otherwise you might lose your valuable belongings because of negligence.

Round the Clock services:

Well! You never know how urgently you might have to shift your goods. For such kind of urgencies, look for a company that provides 24/7 services. That means that you will be able to get your goods transported even on a holiday and you won’t have to wait for weekdays or even office hours.


Perfection comes only with experience. If you don’t want to take any chances with your goods, search for a firm that is deeply rooted in the business and has a handsome amount of experience because that company would definitely know every inch of the right and wrong of transportation.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned checks, one can narrow down the list of a good man and van service in the Lincolnshire. One such name that qualifies all the above-mentioned criteria is Destiny Man and Van Lincolnshire. With an experience of working with businesses, professional photographers, theatres, furniture shops, book publishers, art studios and film companies and private households for over ten years providing round the clock services, Destiny Man and Van is one of the best Man & Van services in the UK. Bring in anything that you want to be transported and they’ll do it in the best possible manner.

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