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Where Quality of Service Really Counts

We are a business that supplies a service to you, to businesses and many individuals.  But the key to our service is quality – and it really shows.

Our services include Removals, Courier Service, Trade Stand setups, and we can transfer anything from anywhere to anywhere else (practically anything!).

Excellent support – excellent team

Unlike smaller one-man one-van businesses, we are a fleet and a team.  Our support service is excellent, and it is quick.

Some businesses have a van and they are limited to what they can transport for you.  Mostly becauase it is one transit or other such vehicle.  We have an array of vehicles, from small vans in which we can take things across cities like London, quickly and cost effectively.  Then we have medium vehicles for couriering products, heavy items, and trade stands.  Finally we have much bigger vehicles for bit removals, commercial strip outs and much more.

Service and Pride

We really pride ourselves in the quality of service we are able to provide.  Highly cost effective.  Extremely supportive, as well as informative on what we can do for you.

quality service shop fitting service

We recently did a Shop Fitting job for Menlook in Inverness, Scotland.  This job required amazing attention to detail, the team being able to perform all tasks, from electrical to even gas fitting, so that the shop was converted into a Menlook store.

Here is a gallery of some of the work we did – something we take huge pride in.

house clearance services
A Boston Lincolnshire House Clearance 500 333 Dane Harper

A Boston Lincolnshire House Clearance

We recently performance a House Clearance right in our town of Boston in Lincolnshire.

Our team went in and recorded the ‘before’ in photos as well as in a fine video too.

Boston House Clearance – Before.

As you can see, it’s a standard looking looking property inside, here in Boston.  The stairs had a lot of items on it, which you can see in the video below.

Boston House Clearance – After.

This is how it looked after we had been in to perform the house clearance.

Video Presentation of this Lincolnshire House Clearance

Here is a nice short video of the before and after, with a bit of a walk about!
You can see the stairs and the rooms being checked.

If you need a house clearance performing, get in touch with us via our contact page, or visit our House Clearance page.


house clearance
Clear that House, Clear that Rubbish 700 467 Dane Harper

Clear that House, Clear that Rubbish

One of our core services is in rubbish removal and house clearances.  These are very different services.  Let’s try to explain, if you are not that clear on it.  If you are, have a read anyway.  It might be enlightening!

house clearance services

What is House Clearance?

This is where a property has been vacated, whether through a tenant leaving unexpectedly or a repossession.  Or perhaps a the owner has sadly passed away, and the property now needs to be cleared rapidly, but with care and respect.

This is what we do.  We go in, and remove all the belongings.  Where these items end up depends on the circumstances.  sometimes environmentally disposed off, but there are a great many other variations.

We do this with care.  It’s no good just going it, and ‘chucking it out’ – this is NOT what we do.  Our team goes thru the items to be removed, and carefully takes them away to our vehicle(s).  We do with this with care and respect.  Whether it is a repossession or a deceased cause, respect is always given to these belongings.

Much more information on our House Clearance is available here.

home rubbish removal

So what about Rubbish Removal?

This is a service that is growing in demand; rather than clients hiring out a skip, taking up space, the costs of a skip hire, and being tied down to timing of that skip – we simply collect your rubbish whether it may fall (ideally in one nice area!).

Let’s say you have a new kitchen being fitted.  The old one is being taken out.  You or your contractor needs to put the old kitchen ‘bits and pieces’ somewhere while they fit the lovely shiny new one!  Here’s where Destiny’s Rubbish Removal service comes in very handy, and even more cost effective.

Firstly we are much cheaper than hiring a skip.  We can be booked at short notice, and we come and collect all the waste items that need to be taken away.  The rubbish removal service means you can pile up the old items in a convenient location on your property (or wherever you have permission to store it), book us, and we will come and collect.

We take it away and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.  It’s really easy, and so much more cost effective as a rubbish removal service.

Rubbish Removal for Councils

Destiny also works with Councils to provide waste removal.  Taking away the rubbish from various commercial and domestic locations, to keep the streets clean.

So you see, Destiny Man and Van is much more – we provide a vast amount of services.  to see more information, click the links below.

House Clearance Services

Rubbish Removal Services

lincolnshire removals service
Why should your House Removal be stressful? 1080 590 Dane Harper

Why should your House Removal be stressful?

It is one of those stressy times that people add to their list in their lives.  You know that list of the top most stressful events?

Less stress – easy removals

Well at Destiny we do our upmost to make that particular moment in your live, LESS STRESSFUL.

You have a big house or a small apartment.  You have a ton of stuff, of moving to a starter home.  You want a company that you can really trust.  Knowing your goods and most valuable items will all be taken care off, by a group of professionals.

house move

We have many packages available, but it’s always best to give us a call to get the price you really want.

You can fill out our online form to tell us everything about your day (one is added to the foot of this article), so we can give you firm no-obligation proposal.  We can come to see you as well, to go through it all.

A brilliant loved removals team

Our team are brilliant.  We love them.  We trust them.  Our vehicles are perfectly suited for such a job as well.

Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 Lowloader removals vehicle

This is the kind of vehicle we use.  Great storage with plenty of areas inside to store other things on the sides of the load area.

Take a look at what our customers said on our Removals Service page.

Some details about yourself

Details on current location

Number of Rooms
Type of Property

Details on *NEW* location

Number of Rooms
Type of Property

When is your move planned?

dedicated delivery
Got something sensitive or bulky to despatch? 800 427 Dane Harper

Got something sensitive or bulky to despatch?

There are times when you need to despatch something that is so sensitive, valuable or bulk, that you want it to be the single only thing in our vehicle.  This is where our Dedicated Despatch Service comes to your aid.

Unlike Same Day Courier, or general Courier Services that takes multiple items onboard and despatches them in their scheduled manner – Dedicated Despatch handles only YOUR item.

The Dedicated Delivery Difference

The difference with this service from same day is that our customer may want there goods collecting on the Monday morning but not want them delivering until the Tuesday morning.  You have requested that there goods stay on the vehicle with nothing else being put on that vehicle until there goods have been delivered.

Peugeot Expert S Standard BlueHDI 95 EU6 Short Wheelbase

Our vehicles are kept securely, so you can rest assured your item(s) will be stored safe and sound, for their scheduled delivery.

Call us today, or fill out this form to enquire about Dedicated Delivery service – or click here for more details.


exhibition courier setting up
It’s Exhibition time – Making the Transportation Smoother 700 433 Dane Harper

It’s Exhibition time – Making the Transportation Smoother

Setting up Exhibiton Stands can be a drain.  If your stand is small, it’s quite straightforward, but if it is a rather grand looking stand, for vehicles, games graphics and demonstration areas, or even rather more varied stands with complicated setups – wow it’s not easy!

We make Exhibition Stand Transportation Easy

Destiny is the company for you – our great many years of experience in setting up these stands, as well as taking them down, and carefully packing them away for the next show, will transform how you run your show!

We understand the time-critical nature of these events, and we will work with you to ensure that your presence at the event runs smoothly.  These Exhibition shows never close just at the right time.  There can be delays, but when you are setting up, that can be NO DELAYS; it has to be done right, at the right time, and above all, SAFELY.

Some exhibition stands require health and safety to be uppermost in your minds.  So we have it in our minds too – ensuring everything is done correct and, “by the book”, so that when your customers and ‘possible customers’ come to your stand, you know that they are safe and will hopefully enjoy their time in your presence, viewing and understanding your business.

exhibition delivery services

Our vehicles are fully equipped to be there at the point you need us, to store your valuable goods in the vehicle ready to be shipped to the next show.

We take care and pride in your show, like you do

These stands are expensive.  They can be elaborate and cost a lot of money to design and have built.  We fully appreciate this, which is why we are renown in the industry for doing some an amazing job for so many companies.

If you have a show coming up, an exhibition that you are going to be launching something new, or you just need a company to take your stand to the varied exhibition halls throughout the UK – call on us.  We are much more than a “man with a van”, which are a highly specialised company handling a great many varied projects.

Click the livechat in the lower right corner to chat to a member of our team.  Tell them where you are going.  What you need moving.  What will require setting up, and we will manage the rest.

Or call: 0333 5775212.

house clearance services
Why bother with a Skip – Cheaper Rubbish collection at Destiny 1080 594 Dane Harper

Why bother with a Skip – Cheaper Rubbish collection at Destiny

At Destiny Man and Van, we have the best possible option for your cheaper rubbish collection.  Many people think of using a Skip.  This involves booking the skip, having it delivered by a heavy truck on your driveway or road.  Then gradually having it filled up, or in one morning, dumping everything into the skip.

You have to book a time for when the skip is collected, during which time this skip is on your property.

Cheaper Rubbish collection – better service

At Destiny, we are CHEAPER, and our service is BETTER.  We can come to collect all your rubbish, load it into your trailer, and remove it all in one visit.  It’s proving to be a hugely popular option, partly because our service is superior.  We have great staff that perform this task.

The other reason, is because are on average, 20% cheaper than any skip hire.  Take look at our Rubbish Removal page for lots of information on the options available, and how we compare with Skip Hire companies.

If you have a very specific set of rubbish to be removed, be it domestic rubbish or commercial, do let us know.  We regularly move or destroy rubbish for some very big household names, and they always come to us as they know how service is second to none.

cheaper rubbish collection

All this can be unsightly, for you and your neighbourhood – call Destiny Man and Van today on 0333 5775212, contact us through our website contact page, or even FASTER, click the Livechat in the lower right corner of this screen.

We are here to help.

new man and van website
Launch of brand new website 1080 705 Dane Harper

Launch of brand new website

We are very pleased and proud to announce the launch of this new website for Destiny Man and Van.  We have had quite a number of issues in the last 5-6 months, but following a new relationship with a local website design company, we are now back on track, with something special, and terrific support.

We have lots of information on the various services we provide, from Courier Services, to Removals, Commercial Clearances and even a new Carpet Cleaning service we are launching very soon.

Our social media will now be even more informative to you as well, so please do follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Visit our homepage for lots more information, or call us today for your next courier, removal or clearance booking.

We also now have a brilliant Livechat service – we think this is pretty unique!  You can chat LIVE with us to ask anything about your removals, any concerns you have.  Or even if you want some advice for a courier job.  Click the link in the lower right corner and let’s get talking.