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reliable courier service
It’s easy to book a reliable courier 900 443 Dane Harper

It’s easy to book a reliable courier

There are so many options out there for courier bookings, so many companies and so many places.  What you might be after is a reliable courier who genuinely cares for your items, who is there “on time” every time; a reliable courier!

What makes up a reliable courier?

A team that is dedicated to offering the best service around.  We are good people, our service is super reliable.  Unlike many couriers that say “10am”, and arrive at 10:45, we are there ontime.  This is not always the case for others.


5 star courier service

Clean and reliable

Our vehicles are all clean and modern, making them very reliable.  We are not your usual “white van man” establishment – we are quite a lot more than that!  Try us, you’ll see.  A full fleet of vehicles for every courier demand you have for us.  Plus a skillful team ready to start the job.

two man delivery service

Two Man Teams and Same Day Services

We have a multitude of Courier Services available, including our Two Man Delivery teams that are suitable for the heavier items.  When you need a sofa taking up flights of stairs for example.  A single delivery person cannot do this so easily.  So when you book, please do tell us what items you have for moving, so we can accommodate your request.

Our Same Day Courier service is exactly what it says: you send it out today, it will get delivered… TODAY.  This is ideal when you have a parcel that just MUST get there later on today.  The NHS use this service regularly with Destiny, as well as Penguin Random House, the largest general-interest paperback publisher in the world.  We provide delivery services to these organisations as they trust is to deliver!

All this makes us one of the most reliable, professional and affordable courier services in the UK, based at our depot in Lincolnshire.

0333 577 5212

two man delivery service
When your delivery needs two men 1080 598 Dane Harper

When your delivery needs two men

Our Two Man Delivery service is here to help when there are heavy items to be transported, such as sofa’s, other items or large furniture, heavy boxes.  The 2-Man delivery service was developed to deliver larger and heavier consumer packaged goods into the customer’s room of choice; whether that was in their home, garden, garage, or office.

The safety in knowing that Destiny’s amazing team can help move those items in safety.

Sometimes an item might be small, and you can in fact help the team.  This is when the Two Man service is not needed, and our single person Courier Service is operated.  But when you need to move larger, heavier items, our team assigns two experts to transport and move those items for you.

two man courier deliveries


A can do attitude to delivering your items

Our team has an amazing attitude to deliveries.  We feel we are a cut above the others in terms of performance, attitude and overall service.  We also have amazing value for money.  Try us – give us a call, tell us your items and see what great value we are for our Two Man deliveries.

two man deliveries can do attitude


Where Quality of Service Really Counts 150 150 Dane Harper

Where Quality of Service Really Counts

We are a business that supplies a service to you, to businesses and many individuals.  But the key to our service is quality – and it really shows.

Our services include Removals, Courier Service, Trade Stand setups, and we can transfer anything from anywhere to anywhere else (practically anything!).

Excellent support – excellent team

Unlike smaller one-man one-van businesses, we are a fleet and a team.  Our support service is excellent, and it is quick.

Some businesses have a van and they are limited to what they can transport for you.  Mostly becauase it is one transit or other such vehicle.  We have an array of vehicles, from small vans in which we can take things across cities like London, quickly and cost effectively.  Then we have medium vehicles for couriering products, heavy items, and trade stands.  Finally we have much bigger vehicles for bit removals, commercial strip outs and much more.

Service and Pride

We really pride ourselves in the quality of service we are able to provide.  Highly cost effective.  Extremely supportive, as well as informative on what we can do for you.

quality service shop fitting service

We recently did a Shop Fitting job for Menlook in Inverness, Scotland.  This job required amazing attention to detail, the team being able to perform all tasks, from electrical to even gas fitting, so that the shop was converted into a Menlook store.

Here is a gallery of some of the work we did – something we take huge pride in.

house clearance services
A Boston Lincolnshire House Clearance 500 333 Dane Harper

A Boston Lincolnshire House Clearance

We recently performance a House Clearance right in our town of Boston in Lincolnshire.

Our team went in and recorded the ‘before’ in photos as well as in a fine video too.

Boston House Clearance – Before.

As you can see, it’s a standard looking looking property inside, here in Boston.  The stairs had a lot of items on it, which you can see in the video below.

Boston House Clearance – After.

This is how it looked after we had been in to perform the house clearance.

Video Presentation of this Lincolnshire House Clearance

Here is a nice short video of the before and after, with a bit of a walk about!
You can see the stairs and the rooms being checked.

If you need a house clearance performing, get in touch with us via our contact page, or visit our House Clearance page.


house clearance
Clear that House, Clear that Rubbish 700 467 Dane Harper

Clear that House, Clear that Rubbish

One of our core services is in rubbish removal and house clearances.  These are very different services.  Let’s try to explain, if you are not that clear on it.  If you are, have a read anyway.  It might be enlightening!

house clearance services

What is House Clearance?

This is where a property has been vacated, whether through a tenant leaving unexpectedly or a repossession.  Or perhaps a the owner has sadly passed away, and the property now needs to be cleared rapidly, but with care and respect.

This is what we do.  We go in, and remove all the belongings.  Where these items end up depends on the circumstances.  sometimes environmentally disposed off, but there are a great many other variations.

We do this with care.  It’s no good just going it, and ‘chucking it out’ – this is NOT what we do.  Our team goes thru the items to be removed, and carefully takes them away to our vehicle(s).  We do with this with care and respect.  Whether it is a repossession or a deceased cause, respect is always given to these belongings.

Much more information on our House Clearance is available here.

home rubbish removal

So what about Rubbish Removal?

This is a service that is growing in demand; rather than clients hiring out a skip, taking up space, the costs of a skip hire, and being tied down to timing of that skip – we simply collect your rubbish whether it may fall (ideally in one nice area!).

Let’s say you have a new kitchen being fitted.  The old one is being taken out.  You or your contractor needs to put the old kitchen ‘bits and pieces’ somewhere while they fit the lovely shiny new one!  Here’s where Destiny’s Rubbish Removal service comes in very handy, and even more cost effective.

Firstly we are much cheaper than hiring a skip.  We can be booked at short notice, and we come and collect all the waste items that need to be taken away.  The rubbish removal service means you can pile up the old items in a convenient location on your property (or wherever you have permission to store it), book us, and we will come and collect.

We take it away and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.  It’s really easy, and so much more cost effective as a rubbish removal service.

Rubbish Removal for Councils

Destiny also works with Councils to provide waste removal.  Taking away the rubbish from various commercial and domestic locations, to keep the streets clean.

So you see, Destiny Man and Van is much more – we provide a vast amount of services.  to see more information, click the links below.

House Clearance Services

Rubbish Removal Services

house clearance services
Why bother with a Skip – Cheaper Rubbish collection at Destiny 1080 594 Dane Harper

Why bother with a Skip – Cheaper Rubbish collection at Destiny

At Destiny Man and Van, we have the best possible option for your cheaper rubbish collection.  Many people think of using a Skip.  This involves booking the skip, having it delivered by a heavy truck on your driveway or road.  Then gradually having it filled up, or in one morning, dumping everything into the skip.

You have to book a time for when the skip is collected, during which time this skip is on your property.

Cheaper Rubbish collection – better service

At Destiny, we are CHEAPER, and our service is BETTER.  We can come to collect all your rubbish, load it into your trailer, and remove it all in one visit.  It’s proving to be a hugely popular option, partly because our service is superior.  We have great staff that perform this task.

The other reason, is because are on average, 20% cheaper than any skip hire.  Take look at our Rubbish Removal page for lots of information on the options available, and how we compare with Skip Hire companies.

If you have a very specific set of rubbish to be removed, be it domestic rubbish or commercial, do let us know.  We regularly move or destroy rubbish for some very big household names, and they always come to us as they know how service is second to none.

cheaper rubbish collection

All this can be unsightly, for you and your neighbourhood – call Destiny Man and Van today on 0333 5775212, contact us through our website contact page, or even FASTER, click the Livechat in the lower right corner of this screen.

We are here to help.

lincolnshire man and van
Choosing the right courier service to suit your business needs 1000 667 Dane Harper

Choosing the right courier service to suit your business needs

Courier Services

In today’s fast-paced world, there is no concept of lag and sluggishness. Everything is being done at a very fast pace and with great accuracy. If one doesn’t oblige, he’s left behind by the world. Whenever we hear the word courier, thoughts like on-time delivery, affordability, and reliability etc. come to our mind. Why these thoughts? Because these are the factors that define the criteria for choosing the right courier service. If you are one of those looking for courier services, then take a deep breath. You are at the right place. Allow us to enlighten you on the topic of courier services.

Choosing the right courier service matters: 

Even though it’s not the age of the Royal Mail anymore and we have a lot many courier services available countrywide, but due to the presence of so many companies, it is hard to choose one. Choosing the right courier service matters because the delivery of your goods leaves a very strong impression on the recipient. If anything goes wrong, you can safely assume that the recipient will not do business with you again. Hence choosing a trustworthy courier service is actually strengthening your business. See Destiny Man and van our courier Services page

How to make the tough choice?

Now that you know that the right courier service matters, the question comes down to what sort of company to choose. The two main deciding factors for a good courier service are cost and reliability. Some courier services might cost less but there is always a risk factor attached to such couriers. Looking for companies that are affordable yet secure and trustworthy should be your criteria for choosing a courier and van boston

Who doesn’t want his/her courier delivered as soon as possible? While some companies take ages to deliver, some take only a day or two. Companies like Destiny Man and Van have the ability to deliver as soon as possible if the direct drive vehicle is requested. If you want your delivery to take place in a defined time period, you can go with the option of timed delivery. Apart from all these, Destiny Man and Van provide full information about the driver and the vehicle in case of the restricted entrance to the delivery zone thus widening the circle of customers. To make sure the delivery has been made accurately and safely, Destiny Man and Van get the affirmation from the customer in form of signatures, too.

Last but not the least; do not compromise the safety of your product. Choose a courier service worth your product because your product is what matters the most.

Small Removals Tips 500 334 Dane Harper

Small Removals Tips

In this modern world, moving homes and offices is not an uncommon task. However uncommon it may seem, it’s not that easy especially moving a home is like changing your whole world. While you’re undergoing this change in your world, everything needs to go smoothly or else you’ll be dealing with a lot of stress. To deal with all this stress there are removal companies available which can do all the shifting for you while you can just sit and relax. See Our Small Removals page here

Since the UK is not unknown to such migrations, there are a plenty of removal companies present in the whole country. Some offer cheaper rates while some offer security to your fragile goods. In between all these companies, there’s a thin line which consists of companies that provide both, cheaper rates and security. One such company is Destiny Man and Van, the services of which include Small Removals. Destiny Man and Van offer the best services a transportation company can offer to a customer. Want to know how? Let us brief you through some of the salient features of this company that can make you want it for your small removals tasks in a snap. 


Destiny Man and Van are almost ten years old which makes it one of the most experienced transportation companies in the UK. The people at Destiny Man and Van know how to safely and efficiently carry out the removal of your stuff and shift it to another.

Proper Tools:

The workforce at Destiny Man and Van is properly equipped with blankets, straps, and trolleys to make sure that everything is moved safely, and no harm is brought to any single object. Not only are the men properly equipped but they also know which equipment or method to use to move any kind of object in different scenarios. This gives a sense of reliability to the customer. He knows that his shifting task has been given to the professionals and he needs not worry about it anymore.

Suitable Vehicles:

For small removals, Destiny Man and Van provide vehicles with varying space thus suiting the needs of the customers. Judging by the size of the luggage, Destiny Man and Van suggest vehicle of the appropriate size. Our experts can fit in three bedrooms in only one vehicle without even damaging a single atom. Isn’t it amazing? It surely is.

You must have gotten quite an idea about Destiny Man and Van’s Small Removals service by now. If you have any need of moving your furniture and you are looking for a reliable company, go on to our website, get a quote and get going. This is how simple it is.

Choosing the Right Man and Van Service in Lincolnshire and over the UK 150 150 Dane Harper

Choosing the Right Man and Van Service in Lincolnshire and over the UK

With the ever-increasing population all over the UK, the demand for transportation and Man & Van Services has also increased. Be it moving office furniture from an old office to a new one, shifting home furniture, transporting a heavy machine or an appliance, regular transportation of goods etc. everything needs a transportation service. Choosing the right and trustworthy Man & Van service can be quite a task due to the presence of a lot of man and van services countrywide. Are you one of those people who need advice about choosing the best man and van service in Lincolnshire and can’t decide? Allow us to guide you through some basic services or we can say perks that you must look in your man and van service.

No Restrictions on Goods:

If you want to be stress-free during the transportation of your goods, choose a company that implies no restriction on the kinds or the number of goods. The best man and van company would transport anything for their customers since they value their demands.

Good Customer Service:

Good behavior of the employees of the man and van company is as important as shifting your goods. You will need co-operating men who are willing to transport your luggage with a good heart. You are trusting your goods with a company, make sure it sends good people for the job otherwise you might lose your valuable belongings because of negligence.

Round the Clock services:

Well! You never know how urgently you might have to shift your goods. For such kind of urgencies, look for a company that provides 24/7 services. That means that you will be able to get your goods transported even on a holiday and you won’t have to wait for weekdays or even office hours.


Perfection comes only with experience. If you don’t want to take any chances with your goods, search for a firm that is deeply rooted in the business and has a handsome amount of experience because that company would definitely know every inch of the right and wrong of transportation.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned checks, one can narrow down the list of a good man and van service in the Lincolnshire. One such name that qualifies all the above-mentioned criteria is Destiny Man and Van Lincolnshire. With an experience of working with businesses, professional photographers, theatres, furniture shops, book publishers, art studios and film companies and private households for over ten years providing round the clock services, Destiny Man and Van is one of the best Man & Van services in the UK. Bring in anything that you want to be transported and they’ll do it in the best possible manner.