• August 7, 2018

Clear that House, Clear that Rubbish

house clearance

Clear that House, Clear that Rubbish

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One of our core services is in rubbish removal and house clearances.  These are very different services.  Let’s try to explain, if you are not that clear on it.  If you are, have a read anyway.  It might be enlightening!

house clearance services

What is House Clearance?

This is where a property has been vacated, whether through a tenant leaving unexpectedly or a repossession.  Or perhaps a the owner has sadly passed away, and the property now needs to be cleared rapidly, but with care and respect.

This is what we do.  We go in, and remove all the belongings.  Where these items end up depends on the circumstances.  sometimes environmentally disposed off, but there are a great many other variations.

We do this with care.  It’s no good just going it, and ‘chucking it out’ – this is NOT what we do.  Our team goes thru the items to be removed, and carefully takes them away to our vehicle(s).  We do with this with care and respect.  Whether it is a repossession or a deceased cause, respect is always given to these belongings.

Much more information on our House Clearance is available here.

home rubbish removal

So what about Rubbish Removal?

This is a service that is growing in demand; rather than clients hiring out a skip, taking up space, the costs of a skip hire, and being tied down to timing of that skip – we simply collect your rubbish whether it may fall (ideally in one nice area!).

Let’s say you have a new kitchen being fitted.  The old one is being taken out.  You or your contractor needs to put the old kitchen ‘bits and pieces’ somewhere while they fit the lovely shiny new one!  Here’s where Destiny’s Rubbish Removal service comes in very handy, and even more cost effective.

Firstly we are much cheaper than hiring a skip.  We can be booked at short notice, and we come and collect all the waste items that need to be taken away.  The rubbish removal service means you can pile up the old items in a convenient location on your property (or wherever you have permission to store it), book us, and we will come and collect.

We take it away and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.  It’s really easy, and so much more cost effective as a rubbish removal service.

Rubbish Removal for Councils

Destiny also works with Councils to provide waste removal.  Taking away the rubbish from various commercial and domestic locations, to keep the streets clean.

So you see, Destiny Man and Van is much more – we provide a vast amount of services.  to see more information, click the links below.

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Rubbish Removal Services