• October 17, 2018

London Trade Stand Work

trade stand dismantling

London Trade Stand Work

London Trade Stand Work 611 440 Dane Harper

We have recently been involved in many trade stand jobs, where we are disassembling and reassembling very complex trade stands at various events, shows, Exhibitions and Conferences.

We have handled stands for some well known names including Portakabin, and transported stands to places like the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Westminster, London.

Complex Trade Stands – installed and assembled for you

Some stands are highly complex, with little cupboards, coloured sections that must be fit in the exact right place, while others are much simpler.  We handle them all, and show the client the final result and prepared to make final tweaks.

Our Trade Stand Setup service is renown for being as cost effective as it comes in this business.  Plus we have a team that has so much experience, we make the process totally stress free for the client, who is thinking more about the Show, than about “is it setup ok?”.

Here is a small gallery of some of the events and shows we have done for many varied clients.

If you need a trade stand setting up, or have worries about how the process works, please do call us.  We are here to help, guide and get your Trade Stand working properly at your next show.