• November 9, 2018

Shopfitters on your High Street

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Shopfitters on your High Street

Shopfitters on your High Street 1000 530 Dane Harper

Destiny is a company that works with many high street names.  It’s a bit of a boast, we agree, but it’s one we are proud of here at the office.

We work for companies like Debenhams who have brands and interior ‘shop’ areas for these brands.  They hire us to setup their new shop stands.  This includes stripping the area back, going through all the plans so each team member knows what is happening, such as the counters, display stands, racks, light fittings, wiring trunking, even the gas mains.

Everything is considered and the team work hard to make the store look perfect.

We also work for House of Fraser.  They too have instore areas for major designer labels and their own labels.  We work to support our team on creating these new shop interiors to their brand.  With their colours, lights, signage and more.

Shop Fitters in Lemington Spa

Betty Barclay (Betty & Co) is a client of ours, and we regularly setup new stores, in store ‘stands’ inside major stores.  Here are a couple of photos from their store in Lemington Spa, next to a Joules area.

If you want to know anything about how we do this, or to book a consultation about your next store, do please get in touch.

Visit our Shop Fitters page for details on what we can do for your retail store.