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Precis Oxford shop fitting wallpaper
Shop Fits across the region 900 1029 Dane Harper

Shop Fits across the region

In the last few weeks we have been very busy bees!  The team has worked on many Shop Fittings for companies like Debenhams, East, Girls on Film and more.

Here is a selection of photos from these fittings.  If you need something similar, with a professional finish, every aspect of the job taken care of by skilled tradesmen, do get in touch with us.

Debenhams ‘Precis’ brand

This was a small job we did for Debenhams to fit new wallpaper.  We stripped the wall back with our professional tools, and fitted the new wallpaper for the Precis brand within this Oxford High Street store.


EAST – St Neots, Cambridgeshire Shop Fitters

If you require a Shop Fitting service, if you have a new store and not sure of the ideal way to do it, need to ask us questions about it, or you have the kit, but need it all professionally fitting – call Destiny for your Shop Fit


commercial shopfitters service
Shopfitters on your High Street 1000 530 Dane Harper

Shopfitters on your High Street

Destiny is a company that works with many high street names.  It’s a bit of a boast, we agree, but it’s one we are proud of here at the office.

We work for companies like Debenhams who have brands and interior ‘shop’ areas for these brands.  They hire us to setup their new shop stands.  This includes stripping the area back, going through all the plans so each team member knows what is happening, such as the counters, display stands, racks, light fittings, wiring trunking, even the gas mains.

Everything is considered and the team work hard to make the store look perfect.

We also work for House of Fraser.  They too have instore areas for major designer labels and their own labels.  We work to support our team on creating these new shop interiors to their brand.  With their colours, lights, signage and more.

Shop Fitters in Lemington Spa

Betty Barclay (Betty & Co) is a client of ours, and we regularly setup new stores, in store ‘stands’ inside major stores.  Here are a couple of photos from their store in Lemington Spa, next to a Joules area.

If you want to know anything about how we do this, or to book a consultation about your next store, do please get in touch.

Visit our Shop Fitters page for details on what we can do for your retail store.

Where Quality of Service Really Counts 150 150 Dane Harper

Where Quality of Service Really Counts

We are a business that supplies a service to you, to businesses and many individuals.  But the key to our service is quality – and it really shows.

Our services include Removals, Courier Service, Trade Stand setups, and we can transfer anything from anywhere to anywhere else (practically anything!).

Excellent support – excellent team

Unlike smaller one-man one-van businesses, we are a fleet and a team.  Our support service is excellent, and it is quick.

Some businesses have a van and they are limited to what they can transport for you.  Mostly becauase it is one transit or other such vehicle.  We have an array of vehicles, from small vans in which we can take things across cities like London, quickly and cost effectively.  Then we have medium vehicles for couriering products, heavy items, and trade stands.  Finally we have much bigger vehicles for bit removals, commercial strip outs and much more.

Service and Pride

We really pride ourselves in the quality of service we are able to provide.  Highly cost effective.  Extremely supportive, as well as informative on what we can do for you.

quality service shop fitting service

We recently did a Shop Fitting job for Menlook in Inverness, Scotland.  This job required amazing attention to detail, the team being able to perform all tasks, from electrical to even gas fitting, so that the shop was converted into a Menlook store.

Here is a gallery of some of the work we did – something we take huge pride in.