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Lincolnshire Courier, Delivery Service and Fenland Courier

Our Lincolnshire Courier Services are varied – we can offer Same Day Courier here as well as in London and across the UK, to get your items from a to b on the same day.  Our Dedicated Courier service means only your parcel is on the vehicle during it’s journey.  Excellent for high valued items, and your safety.  Our Two Man Deliveries requires two of our team to handle your items.  Finally our Exhibition Stand Courier Services are to transport and setup your trade stands at venues across the UK.

Many Courier Delivery options for your convenience

Deliveries are made as fast as possible if a direct drive vehicle is requested.  We can also make timed deliveries if the courier service has been booked on site for a set time. For law courts and other high-security sites we can provide drivers full name, vehicle colour, make, model and registration number at the time of booking to allow access to the premises. The driver’s also carry with them their passport and photo driver’s license which can be checked on the site before entering.

Signature on Delivery for Courier Service

All deliveries are completed with a signature and full name recorded from the customer to confirm the goods have been received in good condition.  The Pod can be viewed online or a hard copy can be emailed to the customer on request if needed.

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Local Courier Service at your fingertips

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Trade Stand Setups, Assembly and Transportation

Our Vehicle Fleet

Peugeot Partner Professional 850 BHDI100 EU6

Lincolnshire courier fleet Peugeot Partner Professional 850 BHDI100 EU6

Primary Use: Courier Services

Perfect vehicle for nipping in and around the city and towns.

Payload: 854kgs
Example: this vehicle can comfortably hold 40 A4 Boxes

Load length 1800mm
Load Width=1500mm
Load Volume=3.30m3

We currently have 3 of these vehicles on our fleet at present.
Price per mile £1.10p

Peugeot Expert S Standard Blue HDI 95 EU6 Short Wheelbase

Lincolnshire courier fleet Peugeot Expert S Standard BlueHDI 95 EU6 Short Wheelbase

Primary Use: Courier Services

These vans deliver reliability and build quality in a medium-sized van package offering a modern and attractive style.They deliver good load capacity, many with a load-through bulk head allowing you to make maximum use of the space.

Payload: 1118kgs this vehicle can hold 3 euro pallets

Load Length=2512m,
Load width=1628mm
Load Volume=5.30m3

We currently have 2 of these vehicles on our fleet at present.
Price per mile £1.20p per mile

Mercedes Sprinter 314CDI LWB HR EURO 6 Extra Long Wheelbase

Lincolnshire courier fleet Mercedes Sprinter 314CDI LWB HR EURO 6 Extra Long Wheelbase

Primary Use: Courier Services

For businesses facing the challenge of transporting large or bulky equipment panic no more, Our 4M XLWB panel vans represent the best in this category from leading manufacturers, popular for their practical and reliable nature.

A benefit of our high roof vehicles is the additional space they offer, whilst still being practical for the road and able to navigate most bridges, multi-storey car parks and other potential obstacles.

Payload 1129kgs

Load Length=4300mm
Load Width=1780mm
Load Volume=1.00m3

We currently have 4 of these vehicles on our fleet at present.
Price per mile £1.30p

Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 Lowloader

Lincolnshire courier fleet Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 Lowloader

Primary use: Removals+2 man delivery work

Our Peugeot Low Loader vehicles are mainly used for removals work, we also use these vehicles for a two man delivery work.

They have a cubic capacity of 20 meters cube, door height of 1860mm and a massive payload of 1500kgs.

We have two of these vehicles on our fleet.

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